We want people to know the facts about Creative Consumer Research, but unfortunately the truth can become lost in the wrong assumptions. When deciding whether or not to employ the consumer research methods at Creative Consumer Research, don’t let your choice be clouded by the following myths. Learn more about what we do by reading what we don’t do, here.

1. We Don’t Tell You What to Do

You’re the expert at what you do. We’re solely here to fill in the necessary accurate information for proper decision making. We won’t pretend we know your customers better than you do after you’ve had the experience of working with them on a daily basis. Our research is meant to unearth new information you may not have considered so you can make decisions based on concrete evidence.

2. We Won’t Bombard You With Information

The last thing you need is an excessive amount of numbers, charts and graphs. You need someone who can effectively interpret the work, so you can take the bottom line and run with it. We understand your time is precious, which is why we take the time to provide you with careful analysis rather than hit you over the head with an immense amount of raw data.

3. With Limited Resources, It’s Less Effective to Do Research In-House

Unless you have unlimited resources to devote to it, we offer a smarter solution when you need answers. It’s extremely expensive to take on a new member of a staff, so we step in for as much or as little time as you need us. Whether you have a product feasibility study or a competitive analysis or customer satisfaction, we offer you an efficient way to work within your time and financial limitations. In addition to customized services, sometimes it makes more sense to get an unbiased opinion. Considering the many emotions that you pour into a hard day’s work, sometimes it’s easy to miss the bigger picture.Creative Consumer Research We'll Get You There

4. Get Real Answers From Research Participants

It’s true that people don’t always do what they say they’re going to do which can make research reports seem like a waste of time. Fortunately we have ways to work around these competitive challenges. We have insightful ways to extract the information and to interpret people’s responses to get to the heart of your biggest questions. People’s behavior may seem like a mystery, but it actually does follow some patterns. It’s our job to find those patterns and your job to adjust what you do based on the shifting attitudes of your potential consumers.

5. Your Prime Demographic Will Take Part in Your Survey

We know that people are busy so we have devised several methodologies so we can speak with your target market. We work with their schedules and offer multiple ways for them to get in touch with us to make everything as convenient as possible at an efficient and timely methodology for the client.