FAQs at Creative Consumer Research

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we encounter at Creative Consumer Research. Learn more here about what our consumer research services can do for you.

Creative Consumer Research FAQs

Q: What services does Creative Consumer Research provide?

A: Creative Consumer Research offers services designed to yield a wealth of information that helps better serve customers as well as create products, services, and marketing campaigns that broaden customer bases and help maintain a competitive edge. Creative Consumer Research’s comprehensive services aim to focus on strategic issues and generate solutions for businesses large and small.
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Q: For which industries does Creative Consumer Research provide consumer insights research?

A: Businesses of all types benefit from capitalizing on consumer insights. The most successful businesses rely on consumer insights research to plan strategies, design advertising, create or enhance products and services. CCR’s consumer research may include data collection, full-length project development, and data analysis or any aspect required by the client. All studies are specifically designed to fit the needs of each client. With our customized approach to research, the client’s needs are paramount in designing the questions and methodology.
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Q: For which industries does Creative Consumer Research provide market research?

A: Creative Consumer Research has decades of experience providing market research to a wide range of industries throughout the Greater Houston area. Any Houston area business can flourish with help from market research, and Creative Creative Consumer conducts the market research to help businesses grow.
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Q: Does Creative Consumer Research provide Spanish language market research services?

A: Yes! We offer a full line of Spanish-language marketing research services. We have a staff of approximately 20 interviewers, survey editors, managers, supervisors, and a variety of experienced bilingual market research support staff.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research online research do for me?

A: We use our online research to reach a large number of business and consumer respondents in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our expertise includes a variety of social and demographically dense groups.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research survey design do for me?

A: We provide the most careful planning for market research surveys. We design questions that are expertly targeted to answer your research objectives and organized in an easily understandable format.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research data analysis do for me?

A: We use proven analysis and testing techniques. Our data analysis provides clients exactly the required data they need for business success.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research data entry and processing do for me?

A: We turn raw data into useful information. With our expertise, we can turn any variety of your questionnaires or raw data into meaningful data you can use.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research focus groups do for me?

A: We have four focus group rooms and a large multi-purpose room. Each room is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling one-way mirror for unobstructed viewing.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research in-person interviews do for me?

A: We provide intercept data collection services. Our intercept data collection allows for the presentation of materials and the observation of respondents’ actions, behavior, and facial expressions.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research telephone interviews do for me?

A: We offer clients an in-house telephone call center with full-time supervisory personnel at all times. With us, you can be confident that your data is collected using proven quality techniques.
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Q: What can Creative Consumer Research planning and methodology do for me?

A: We expertly help you determine objectives, execution, sampling, and analysis. Every business needs data to help it succeed, and Creative Consumer Research gives you the market research needed for success!
Learn more about our planning and methodology.

Q: How can I participate in Creative Consumer Research surveys?

A: Participate in our surveys online or at one of our facilities. You can sign up to participate in a survey by calling us at 281-240-9646.
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Q: What businesses does Creative Consumer Research aid?

A: Creative Consumer Research services help a wide variety of businesses, ranging from packaged goods to public utilities market research and consumer insights.
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Q: How does market research assist consumers and businesses?

A: Market research at Creative Consumer Research defines current and future needs in the market and helps ensure that businesses are in touch with what people want.
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Q: Where are Creative Consumer Research in-person interviews conducted?

A: Creative Consumer Research intercept interviews are conducted at our designated facility located in Almeda Mall or at on-site locations designated by clients. We partner with clients to determine the best locations to intercept their target audience.
Learn more about CCR in-person interviews locations.

Q: What is the difference between market research and consumer insights research?

A: Market research is an organized effort to obtain information about entire markets. Consumer insights research provides information that displays why individual customers behave how they do. Recognizing consumer insights follows thorough market research. Market research and consumer insights research work hand-in-hand.
Learn more about market research vs. consumer insights research.

Q: What are the benefits of our consumer research?

A: Consumer research helps companies of all kinds prepare for changing shifts in attitude, preference, or demand among consumers. Our consumer research shows business owners and executives what their next move should be. We know how to decipher consumer behavior in a wide variety of industries.
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Q: How does Creative Consumer Research help businesses improve?

A: Creative Consumer Research helps businesses through the use of data collection, full-length project development, data analysis, and more. It all depends on what exactly your business needs.
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Q: How does Creative Consumer Research collect data?

A: We help businesses understand what consumers really want and need through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.
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Q: What does Creative Consumer Research ethnographic research include?

A: Our ethnographic research is achieved via specialized surveys. Our surveys are conscientiously calculated to fit each individual client and project.
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Q: What do Creative Consumer Research product placement services include?

A: Our product placement service involves product testing for a variety of products. Clients in an array of industries contract CCR to place their products. We administer tests that bring the results that businesses need. Product categories we work with include cosmetics, electronics, toys, as well as food and drink.
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Q: What Creative Consumer Research studies are currently available for participation?

A: Our list of current studies is ever-changing. Please use our contact form or call us at 281-240-9646 to learn about the studies we have currently available for participation.
Learn more about our studies currently available for participation.

Q: What do Creative Consumer Research survey participants receive for their participation?

A: Creative Consumer Research survey participants may receive an incentive or reimbursement in exchange for their survey participation. Compensation for each study will vary for each survey conducted. Example: the pay will vary by the length of the questionnaire or the time the study or product testing takes.
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Q: As a study participant, will my information be kept private?

A: Yes. Study participant information is private. Any personal information collected will only be shared with your consent.
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