The key to unlocking consumer mindsets

Survey Design With Careful Planning

All successful survey administration processes begin with an effective survey design. A well-designed survey takes into account how the data will be analyzed to address research objectives. Each of our survey questions takes the respondent logically through designated necessary topics while gathering both general impressions as well as detailed facts. The right balance of general impressions and detailed facts allows you to receive the exact information you need.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

Survey Data Collection Process

Survey design impacts the survey administration process as well as the overall results you need. Our surveys are expertly designed to minimize respondent bias and find the right audience for your product. You can survey your current customers, potential customers, and the general public to find out all factors that may determine their preferences and purchases.

Our team programs and hosts surveys nationwide and in multiple languages.

Our survey services include among the following:

• Questions in a variety of formats

• Pictures, videos, and graphics

• Audio files

• Programming using Sawtooth Sensus software

We also provide rooms that can be equipped with laptop computers for online study completion. This service can connect to surveys hosted by us or directly to your network.

Expertly Survey Your Customers

Our careful planning of your market research survey allows us to design questions that are expertly targeted to address your research objectives and organize them in an easily understandable format.

To find out more about our market research survey services, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.