B2B Market Research

The buying journey on hard mode

Focus Groups

Understanding B2B Decision Makers

Unlike other industries, one person is not solely responsible for making purchasing decisions. 

The typical buying process of a B2B solution involves six to 10 decision makers, each with different interests and levels of knowledge about your product or service. This causes numerous back-and-forth debates. Thus, the dynamic makes it increasingly difficult for customers to make purchases.

To understand how to best help these decision-makers advance through this complex purchasing journey, B2B market research is needed. These insights will help you cut through the complex buying process and make it easier for your decision-makers to finalize a purchase.

B2B Research Methodologies

There are many different types of B2B market research methods and we do them all. Not without reason. We believe there is no substitute for sound data collection and analysis, therefore we provide you with a full arsenal of market research methods to better understand how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves.

    • In-Person Focus Groups

    • Virtual Focus Groups

    • Online Surveys

    • Conjoint Analysis

    • MaxDiff Scaling

    • Self-response Surveys

    • Online Bulletin Board

    • Dyads

    • Triads

    • Hot Spot Testing

    • One-on-one Interviews

    Focus Groups
    Focus Groups

    We Can Help Your B2B Industry

    These are the industries we’ve successfully helped conduct B2B market research for:

    • Financial

    • Educational

    • Healthcare

    • Travel

    • Tourism

    • Entertainment

    • Restaurants

    • Government

    • Legal studies

    • Transportation

    • Sports teams

    • Consumer and business products

    Invest Resources Wisely

    Whether you’re a business seeking to test pricing for a new product, understand how your employees feel about your work culture, or expand into new markets, including our B2B market research in your strategy will give you peace of mind and greater success.

    Connect with us today to discuss how we can customize our B2B market research services to best help your business.