Focus Groups

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Know What Consumers are Looking For

Want to understand what consumers are thinking at a deeper level? You need a CCR focus group. Conducting a focus group gives you abundantly more options to thoroughly understand what consumers really want and need. Thus giving you more in-depth feedback about the consumer and competitor habits.

Focus groups may be conducted as round table discussions, or rooms may be set up in classroom style for mock juries, music tests, taste tests, and product evaluations. We’ve done them all and much more. So no matter the scope of your project, our team knows what it takes for your focus group to be successful.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

Focus Group Facilities

We have four focus group rooms and a large multi-purpose room. Each room is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling one-way mirror for unobstructed viewing.

With each focus group room, you may observe participants in the following ways:

• Adjacent client rooms through the one-way mirror

• Spacious, separate conference room with video and audio feeds

• Remotely, using third-party vendors such as FocusVision

You have the option to observe simultaneous sessions via closed circuit video from the primary viewing room and are provided a flash drive with the audio and video files.

Upon request, focus group facilities can be equipped with laptop computers for online study completion. This service can connect to surveys hosted by us, or directly to your business’ network. For specialized focus group requirements, our multi-purpose room is equipped with an overhead door to allow for displaying large items or equipment for consumer evaluation. Used in a classroom-style setting, this room comfortably seats up to 60 respondents. This is a self-contained room with access to a small kitchen and participant restrooms.​

Additional Focus Group Room Features

Your focus group may not require all of the bells and whistles, but it’s always nice to have the option.

• Volume control

• Stationary cameras

• Camera operators are available upon request

• WiFi is available throughout the building

• Three fully equipped kitchens are available for product preparation and storage

• Staff available to guide respondents through the study process

Focus Groups

Clear-Cut Focus Group Results

From recruiting, to the facility, to moderation, our team helps you conduct successful focus group outcomes by giving the appropriate attention and care every step of the way.

To find out more about our focus group services, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.