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Focus Groups

What You Don’t Know Does Hurt You

Consumers are savvier than they used to be and have access to mountains of information at their fingertips. While some will simply make a decision based on convenience and low rates, more and more consumers are looking for a company that goes the extra mile and provides something that its competitors do not.

Ultimately, what you don’t know about your customers can hurt your business. You can’t rely on data from a decade ago, or even current sales to know what your customers are thinking or what their needs are.

Market Research For Insurance Companies

As the insurance industry constantly evolves and encounters new opportunities, it’s critical for insurance carriers and companies to keep up with the latest market trends. From small independent agencies to national insurance providers, our comprehensive services aim to focus on strategic issues and generate solutions for large or small businesses in the insurance industry.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

Research Methodologies

There are many different types of insurance market research methods and we do them all. This arsenal of market research methods allows customers to honestly share what they think about a product and/or service, helping you better understand how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves.

• In-Person Focus Groups

• Virtual Focus Groups

• Online Surveys

• Conjoint Analysis

• MaxDiff Scaling

• Self-response Surveys

• Online Bulletin Board

• Dyads

• Triads

• Hot Spot Testing

• One-on-one Interviews

Moving Forward With Data

Why guess when you can know? Our insurance market research takes the guesswork out of understanding your customers and helps to ensure that your company is in touch with your consumers’ needs, wants, concerns and behaviors.

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