Consumer Packaged Goods Market Research

Get products moving off the shelves

Focus Groups

What The Consumers Want

What are shoppers of non-durable consumer goods really looking for in today’s products? Is it the cheapest price or the best-known brand in the category? Without proper research, you’ll be playing a guessing game. However, there is a science behind determining what is best for your product to make it successful in the market.

What you need are insights into the various elements related to your product. To really get a product moving off the shelves, you need to understand what consumers are attracted to and what makes them motivated to purchase. This is not always an easy task, but we have the tools to navigate you through the process as well as guide you to creating the optimum packaging solution.

Research Methodologies

There are many different types of packaged goods market research methods and we do them all. We provide you with a full arsenal of market research methods so you can get honest feedback to make the packaging even better since you’ll have a better understanding of how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves.

• In-Person Focus Groups

• Virtual Focus Groups

• Online Surveys

• Conjoint Analysis

• MaxDiff Scaling

• Self-response Surveys

• Online Bulletin Board

• Dyads

• Triads

• Hot Spot Testing

• One-on-one Interviews

Focus Groups

Finding the Right Data

The choice of colors, the names of products, and even the words on the packages can touch different interest points with different shoppers. So we’re dedicated to helping you collect and use the right market research methods and insights for you to make the best decisions.

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