Market Research Interviews

In-depth. One-on-one.

A Guided Conversation

This process is different from an interview you may see on the news. Instead of the typical question and answer format, our in-depth interviews resemble a guided conversation.

Before the interview is performed, we create the best-fitting survey questions for your business. This careful planning allows for immediate identification of any study issues or challenges that may occur. This also ensures all necessary questions are asked, respondent bias is minimized, and the desired information is collected.

During the interview, a respondent meets with one of our highly trained in-house moderators. Our moderator guides the discussion in order to provide you in-depth feedback on a particular topic, product, idea, etc.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

More Than One Way To Interview

Typically, our in-depth interviews are carried out face-to-face. However, geographic location and time zones can sometimes be a barrier. We use technology to break down those barriers. Our telephone and digital interviews have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and effectiveness.

Every project in our call center has a full-time supervisor on hand to:

• Train interviewers on individual project requirements

• Observe real-time data collection

• Monitor project progress

• Offer actionable solutions

• Identify study issues or challenges immediately

• Keep projects moving forward in a cost-efficient manner

• Ensure study requirements and deadlines are met

We monitor quality by:

• Listening to completed surveys to confirm proper administration

• Validating to ensure respondents meet study requirements

We do not use:

• Temporary staffing

• At-home callers

Multi-Language Interviews

Need interviews conducted in a different language? Not a problem. Not only can we conduct interviews for any industry of any size, we can also provide interviews in multiple languages.

Our interviewers are fluent, written and spoken, in the following languages:

• English

• Spanish

• Mandarin

• French

• Arabic

Focus Groups

Conduct Better Interviews

Our in-depth interviews provide researchers the freedom to ask follow-up questions, explore for more information and achieve more enriched, comprehensive feedback.

To find out more about our interview services, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.