Transportation Market Research

Cars, trucks, buses, roadways, and much more

Focus Groups

Automotive Market Research

The automotive industry is a growing market comprised of many subgroups. Engineering, design, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket all need key market insights to keep up with consumer trends.

Our automotive market research can help you discover information such as consumer parts, service, and repair shop purchasing behavior. Armed with insights and metrics like consumer preferences, trends, and market share, you’ll be able to build closer relationships to your customers, distribution channels, and market opportunities.

Public Transportation Market Research

The public transit industry includes businesses, institutions, corporations, and organizations that run regional and local passenger transportation networks with regular routes and schedules. Discovering how to provide commuters with a service that is safe, comfortable, and convenient is what our market research can help you accomplish.

We conduct vehicle intercept surveys to measure:

• Customer satisfaction

• Ride frequency

• Perceptions

• Effectiveness

• Convenience

Focus Groups

Specialized Transportation Market Research

Consumer insights are needed to improve public and private transportation for consumers, businesses, and cities overall. Through specially designed surveys, online research, focus groups, and other qualitative and quantitative methods, our transportation industry market research can yield a wealth of information that will help you meet people’s wants as well as their needs.

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