Healthcare Market Research

Things can change fast

Understand customers in The Healthcare Industry

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, it’s important to stay on top of market shifts and adapt to stay competitive. To thrive, you need to understand what your patients value. Once you understand what your patients value, you can meet their needs better and provide services that patients care about.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

Understand What Your Patients value

Everything starts with recognizing patient perceptions, challenges, and aspirations. Once you understand your patients better, you can create products, services, and experiences that make a difference.

Our market research and analysis also tells you everything you need to know to launch successful new services. You’ll be able to identify problems patients care about, determine if the problems are already being adequately solved elsewhere, and develop a more meaningful human connection with your patients.


What do your patients expect out of their healthcare providers?


Are your patients satisfied with their overall experience?

Trust and Loyalty

Who do they go to for specific health services and why?

Brand Equity

What do people think about your hospital or practice?

Focus Groups

Research Methodologies

There are many different types of market research methods and we do them all. This arsenal of market research methods allows customers to honestly share what they think about a product and/or service, helping you better understand how your audience thinks, feels, and behaves.

• In-Person Focus Groups

• Virtual Focus Groups

• Online Surveys

• Conjoint Analysis

• MaxDiff Scaling

• Self-response Surveys

• Online Bulletin Board

• Dyads

• Triads

• Hot Spot Testing

• One-on-one Interviews

The Best Path Moving Forward

Your firm strives to be unique—your market research should do the same. We’ll build a personalized research plan with the studies and surveys you need to find the right answers. Together, we‘ll use the data to understand your patients and their needs.

Connect with us today to discuss how we can customize our healthcare market research services to best help your business.