Thanks for 40 Years of Creative Consumer Research

For 40 years, we at Creative Consumer Research have been helping both private and public organizations learn more about the people they serve. Since we were founded in 1976, we’ve completed more than 55,000 projects for companies, governments and other organizations, and we think that’s worth celebrating! There are a few people we’d like to thank who have helped us at CCR along the way.

Our Executives and Managers

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the vision our executives have provided and the leadership our managers have shown. Much of our success in the consumer research industry is directly attributable to them.

Creative Consumer Research managers have an average tenure of 10 years with us. Creative Consumer Research executives have an average tenure of 25 years with us, and together they have a combined 170 years of experience in market research.

In an age when many people are switching from one job to another, it’s an honor to know that our executives and managers have remained with us for decades, literally. It’s also great to see what can be accomplished when a company has stable leadership. Thank you to everyone who has led us at CCT over the past 40 years.

Our Execution Teams

Of course, our continued success is also due to the hard work that our part-time employees do. They’re our boots on the ground, so to speak. They’re regularly recruiting for focus groups, conducting telephone and on-site interviews, performing door-to-door surveys, and overseeing mail and online consumer research efforts. We’d like to say “thank-you” to everyone who has helped us complete our projects.

40 Years Creative Consumer Research

Years of Distinction

Our bilingual employees who are fluent in both spoken and written English and Spanish have allowed us to effectively distinguish ourselves. It’s because of these employees that we can offer a full line of Spanish market research services.

Our Clients

Finally, we’d like to show our gratitude for you, our clients. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We’re honored every time you come back to us for another project, because that shows that you’re pleased with the work we do.

It’s been a great 40 years serving you with Creative Consumer Research!