Where are Creative Consumer Research in-person interviews conducted?

Creative Consumer Research intercept interviews are conducted at our designated facility located in Almeda Mall or at on-site locations designated by clients. We partner with clients to determine the best locations to intercept their target audience.

Creative Consumer Research in-person interviews in Houston.

Almeda Mall Intercepts

CCR’s permanent facility in Almeda Mall is located in the southeast Houston area. This facility allows us to easily reach a diverse pool of consumers as well as provide our intercept data collection services to a variety of clients.

On-Site Intercepts

We provide on-site intercept interviews at client-designated locations. For each project, the same quality on-site supervision is provided to ensure appropriate interaction with study participants. Each of our interviewers is trained on the appropriate behavior for their environment and supervised to confirm data collection is of the highest quality and integrity.

Wide-Ranging Intercepting Experience

We have experience intercepting respondents in a variety of locations, including:

  • Public transportation vehicles and system access points
  • Retail venues
  • Flea markets
  • Sports fields
  • Trade shows
  • In-home
  • Community festivals and events

Crystal-Clear Intercept Data Collection Results

Regardless of the location that our intercept data collection takes place, clients have the option to observe simultaneous sessions via closed circuit video and are provided a flash drive with the audio and video files. Our staff is consistently available to guide respondents through the study process.

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