How does Creative Consumer Research collect data?

We help businesses understand what consumers really want and need through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.

How does Creative Consumer Research collect data?

Our data collection methods including the following:

  • Telephone studies
  • Focus groups
  • Mall and in-store intercepts
  • Taste tests
  • Ethnography studies
  • Mystery shops

Our Research and Data Analysis

We use our research to reach a large number of business and consumer respondents in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our expertise includes a variety of social and demographically diverse groups. We turn raw data into useful information. With our expertise, we can turn any variety of raw data into meaningful data you can use. The methodology selected varies by the client’s needs and the focus for the selection is time and financial efficiency.

Information Needed to Better Serve Business

Creative Consumer Research offers services designed to yield a wealth of information that helps better serve customers as well as create products, services, and marketing campaigns. Contact us today to let us help you get the information you need to better serve your customers.

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