What does Creative Consumer Research ethnographic research include?

Our ethnographic research is achieved via specialized surveys. Our surveys are conscientiously calculated to fit each individual client and project.

Creative Consumer Research ethnographic research.

Surveys Online, On-Site, In-Home, and More

We create surveys that fit each individual client’s needs and wants. Surveys can take place online, provide participants an opportunity to test products at home, or hosted at a variety of different locations created to resemble a comfortable environment. We work closely with clients to determine where and how these surveys should take place. Our ethnographic research is customized to provide the answers needed for clients of a variety of ethnic backgrounds to reap business success.

Helping Businesses Know Their Audience

By observing consumers in their environment, our ethnographic research eliminates the uncertainties of both current and target consumer habits, including various ethnic groups. Results are analyzed to provide insights for marketing, product development, and more. We help businesses easily identify unmet needs, who they should be marketing to, and how. Our research provides the insight businesses need for their success.

Better Serve Your Customers

Our market research services benefit companies and consumers alike, allowing each business to deliver a more clear and personalized message to prospective customers while also giving businesses the tools needed to provide products and services that match the needs and desires of their target market.

To find out more about our market research services, do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Contact us today to let us help you get the information you need to better serve your customers.

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