What do Creative Consumer Research product placement services include?

Our product placement service involves product testing for a variety of products. Clients in an array of industries contract CCR to place their products. We administer tests that bring the results that businesses need. Product categories we work with include cosmetics, electronics, toys, as well as food and drink.

Creative Consumer Research product placement services.

On-Site and Take-Home Product Testing

Participants may just test a product once, or testing may last a couple of weeks with the product being taken home for multiple uses, depending on the product. Participants are invited to sign up to test the products of their choice and are compensated upon completing the designated product test.

Product Placement for Food, Electronics, Cosmetics, and More

Products tested once typically include food and drink, which can range from candy to fresh foods, as well as sodas and alcohol. Products tested over the span of a couple of weeks typically include cosmetics, electronics, and toys. Regardless, our list of products tested is ever-changing and growing.

Product Placement for Better Business

Creative Consumer Research product placement benefits companies and consumers alike. We let businesses know just what they need to improve their products, services, and overall business.

Place Your Product or Participate in Testing

To learn more about placing your product with us, contact us today at Creative Consumer Research, or to sign up for participation in our product placements, click here.

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