What can Creative Consumer Research online research do for me?

We use our online research to reach a large number of business and consumer respondents in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our expertise includes a variety of social and demographically diverse groups.

Online research at Creative Consumer Research.

Online Research Aiding the Consumer and You

We provide online research services that benefit business, including feasibility studies, new product development, advertising messaging, and customer satisfaction. These types of research assist businesses to thoroughly understand what consumers really want and need.

Expertly Survey Your Customers

Creative Consumer Research programs and hosts online surveys. We partner with sample houses to successfully complete surveys nationwide.

We reach consumers, business executives, doctors, lawyers, and members of a variety of social and economic groups. You can survey your current customers, potential customers, and the general public to find out all factors that may determine their preferences and purchases.

Our online survey services include among the following:

  • Questions in a variety of formats
  • Pictures, videos, and graphics
  • Audio files
  • Programming using Sawtooth Sensus software

We also provide rooms that can be equipped with laptop computers for online study completion. This service can connect to surveys hosted by Creative Consumer Research or directly to the client’s network.

Creative Consumer Research Can Help

To find out more about our market research services, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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