How can I participate in Creative Consumer Research surveys?

Participate in our surveys online or at one of our facilities. You can sign up to participate in a survey by calling us at (832) 376-6333.
Creative Consumer Research surveys in Houston.

Creative Consumer Research Helps Consumers Find Their Voice​

Have you ever wondered how companies decide what products and services they offer? Have you ever wanted to let a company know about an exceptionally good or bad experience? Participation in market research surveys is how! Surveys can help companies tremendously in many ways.

Benefiting Both Consumers and Businesses

We provide market research and consumer insights services that benefit both consumers and businesses in many ways, and survey participation opportunities is one of them. We offer an assortment of ways with our market research surveys for you to conveniently express your opinion and possibly receive incentives in return for your survey participation.

The Creative Consumer Research Panel

Sign up for the Creative Consumer Research Panel to participate in our wide variety of online research projects. We offer opportunities for you to participate online or at one of our several research facilities. Schedule whichever time and location is most convenient for you.

Signing Up For Creative Consumer Research

Please take the time to participate in our survey if you’d like to sign up for a study. Your answers will provide us the information we need in order to contact you when we believe you may qualify for a research study. Your information is confidential and there will be no sales follow-up of any kind.

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Get Paid for Your Opinions

Respondents are frequently paid an honorarium for their time, with the amount depending on the subject matter and amount of time involved. Incentives or reimbursements for survey participants may include the following:

  • Monetary compensation for your time
  • Paid travel
  • New products to test, including:
    • Food items
    • Beverage items
    • Personal hygiene products
    • Children’s toys

Call Our Designated Consumer Research Line

Contact us at our designated consumer research phone line to participate in our consumer research surveys.

Call (832) 376-6333 today to participate in consumer research surveys!

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