As a study participant, will my information be kept private?

Yes. Study participant information is private. Any personal information collected will only be shared with your consent.

Study participant information private.

Study Participant Information is Private

Your privacy is important to us. You have a right to share only the information you choose. Any information that you share with us before, during, and after any kind of research participation will only be used with your consent, and there will be no sales follow-up of any kind.

Pre-Screening for Study Qualification

We collect personal information which allows us to pre-screen you for study qualification. If you qualify, we will contact you with more specific study information and determine your availability for study participation. This information is used for internal purposes only and will not be provided to any other entity.

Research Participation

You choose the study to participate in, and you choose the information to share with our clients. Whenever it is convenient for you, you may participate in online research from the comfort of your home, at our research facility by our trained interviewing staff, or over the telephone.

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