What can Creative Consumer Research survey design do for me?

We provide the most careful planning for market research surveys. We design questions that are expertly targeted to address your research objectives and organized in an easily understandable format.

Survey design at CCR.

Survey Design: The Key to Unlocking Consumer Mindsets

All effective survey administration processes begin with an effective survey design, and Creative Consumer Research understands what it takes to deliver results. Whether the survey is conducted by telephone, online or in-person, Creative Consumer Research gathers the right balance of general impressions and detailed facts through strategic questions that allow clients to analyze the data for their needs.

Survey Design with Careful Planning

We acknowledge that the creation of a market research survey for any industry requires careful planning. Creative Consumer Research has the experience necessary to design questions to get the results you need.

Our survey design focuses on the objectives of the research. Each survey question takes the respondent logically through designated necessary topics while gathering both general impressions as well as detailed facts.

Our Data Collection Process

Survey design impacts the survey administration process as well as the overall results you need. Our surveys are expertly designed to minimize respondent bias. We also provide Spanish-speaking interviewers and survey editors. We’ll help find the audience for your product and channel the responses to you in timely fashion.

Our Many Data Analysis Options

A well-designed survey takes into account how the data will be analyzed to address research objectives. Creative Consumer Research has the experience necessary to design questions that allow you to analyze your data the way you want. You’ll get exactly the information you need.

Creative Consumer Research Can Help

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