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What are shoppers of non-durable consumer goods really looking for in today’s products? Is it the cheapest price, or the best-known brand in the category? Is it unreasonable to expect low prices, product availability and high quality from a consumer goods company?

To identify these shopping preferences, marketers often analyze packaged goods consumer behavior and preferences. Some consumers are interested in freshness guarantees, while others look for a health-oriented angle to products they buy. For these insights, many marketers turn to packaged goods consumer insights research service providers such as Creative Consumer Research for this information.

Global Network of Information

Finding the Right Data

Market research firms conduct online surveys, in-store intercepts, mall intercepts, telephone surveys, and focus groups to find out more about how we shop for items that we use frequently, and buy often. These types of products include breakfast cereals, sandwich breads, dairy products, and beverages, for example.

Knowing what consumers look for in these non-durable consumer products can help a brand’s marketing operation greatly. The choice of colors on packaging, the names of products, and even the words on the packages can touch different interest points with different shoppers. So collecting and using the right data and marketing insights before a major launch of a new product can be invaluable to a company.

Ever-Expanding Methods

Marketers today are trying to build sales for some packaged goods by testing new shapes and sizes with bold designs with dizzying graphics. Conversely, especially in the natural foods category, there is a stripped down emphasis on visual openness and product simplicity. Many healthy cereals use clear panels to show the actual product inside for the consumer’s judgment.

It’s imperative to do your research before the product is launched. If you are unable to manage that task in-house and need external resources to conduct research, check in with the packaged goods market research professionals at Creative Consumer Research.

We’ll help find the audience for your product, use the right mix of questions, and channel the responses to you in timely fashion. Our services include: full project development, survey design, data collection, and data processing and analysis.

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