Planning & Methodology

Creative Consumer Research offers over 35 years of experience developing, testing, and perfecting methodologies.

We can help you determine:


Market research objectivesIdentifying what questions need to be answered is the first step in planning research. Creative Consumer Research has experience discovering the points of interest related to a variety of industries.

We can help you collect the right data for your situation. Avoid paying for research that does not answer your questions.


Study plan executionThe best plans are only as good as their execution and any plan can encounter unexpected challenges in the field. No matter how well your study is planned, only successful execution will provide actionable results.

With thousands of projects completed successfully in a variety of methodologies, you can count on Creative Consumer Research to implement study plans efficiently and accurately.


Market research data samplingSpeaking to the correct respondents is crucial to actionable data. A well planned and precisely executed study can still send you in the wrong direction if your sampling misses the target.

Creative Consumer Research can help you determine who to talk to and what sample sizes you need in order to have the confidence in your data you are looking for.


Market research data analysisCreative Consumer Research provides recommendations and projections based on your survey data. We identify patterns of behavior, opportunities for improvement, and suggestions for reaching your target market.

Your data should hold the key to your next move. Creative Consumer Research helps you understand your target market.

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