Understanding Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Aug 12, 2016

What are fast-moving consumer goods?

Fast-moving consumer goods are generally low-cost products that sell very quickly and often in relatively large amounts. These sorts of goods generally include consumable items such as food, beverages, and other single-use daily or household items. Usually, these items are considered “fast-moving” because they either sell quickly or simply have a short shelf life (after which point they deteriorate). Because of these goods’ consumable and non-durable nature, as well as their quick turnaround in the store, it can be tough for companies to get a handle on exactly what it is that gets a given product off the shelves. Are items selling because they are in high demand, or are stores simply ordering more often because the items are extremely perishable? Are sales affected by a particular season, holiday, or event? Furthermore, it can be difficult to determine exactly what customers think about these products. Is the brand a well-known and trusted product? Are the prices appropriate from a customer perspective? Understanding the answers to these and similar questions can help take a fast-moving consumer good from successful to on fire.

How can CCR’s market research help me?

By applying the tools of market research to these types of consumer goods, you can understand exactly how product should be marketed to ensure the highest rate of sale. For over 40 years, Creative Consumer Research has provided customer insights and market research services that have helped determine the ideal marketing of products. CCR utilizes a variety of methods to gather information, including customer surveys, focus groups, in-person interviews, in-depth data analysis, and more. For the packaged goods market, we look at what competitors are doing, whether a product’s packaging is appealing, and what it is that consumers want from that product. A fast-moving consumer good like a soft drink, for example, is something that a customer may be drawn to purchase by a number of different factors. By employing surveys, studies, and specialized testing within your target market, CCR can help determine the best price, the most eye-catching design, and even the ideal shelf location to encourage sales of that soft drink. To learn more about what packaged goods market research can do for you, contact Creative Consumer Research for more information at your earliest convenience.