What can Creative Consumer Research telephone interviews do for me?

We offer clients an in-house telephone call center with full-time supervisory personnel at all times. With us, you can be confident that your data is collected using proven quality techniques.

CCR Telephone Interviews in Houston.

In-House Telephone Data Collection

Our staff provides real-time data collection and observation, as well as immediate identification of study issues or challenges. We consistently keep projects moving forward in a cost-efficient manner and ensure that all study requirements and deadlines are met. We have the resources to thoroughly conduct telephone studies of all sizes.
Each of our telephone interviews is conducted at times that are most convenient for the respondents. We create the best-fitting survey questions for your business in order to minimize respondent bias and get you the best results.

Telephone surveys help businesses serve customers better.

With telephone surveys, you get a data-supported understanding of what customers and potential customers are looking for. We help businesses thoroughly understand what customers and potential customers really want and need.

Creative Consumer Research has decades’ of experience in healthcare, public transportation, insurance, travel and leisure, entertainment, gambling/betting, financial services, restaurant and food service, residential and commercial property development, packaged goods, retail, and public utilities consumer insights research services. Creative Consumer Research knows how to provide the information you need.

Bilingual Telephone Surveys at Creative Consumer Research

Creative Consumer Research provides bilingual telephone interviewing services. All of CCR’s bilingual telephone interviewers are fluent in both written and spoken Spanish and English.

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